What my gurukul offers?

Our current generation students are growing up in the digital age. Our students communicate, collaborate, and learn differently than previous generations. As a result of digital age, schools are exploring technology to enhance the teaching and learning experience and thus transforming education for the modern age. Introducing computers is not good enough to improve student achievement but to truly transform education for the new age we must help schools to focus their vision on student learning and unite community to prepare for success. Connected Learning is a strategy that brings together every member of the education system so each is empowered to play a key role in its success.

Today, more than ever before, students are part of a ″connected/linked generation″ that uses technology to communicate and collaborate with friends, family members, and the world around them. In some communities,students are asked to disconnect their digital devices upon entering the classroom, while in others, students are becoming more connected as a result of technology introduced in the classroom.In either case, the technology of the digital age brings opportunity to new generations

of students by opening a window to the world of knowledge beyond the classroom and helping them develop the skills necessary to prepare and qualify for the competitive nature of college and career. To truly transform education for the modern digital age, technology must be used to connect each and every member of the education system so that each one can play a vital role in reshaping education. An entire learning environment is needed in which students, teachers, administrators and parents can easily communicate and collaborate with each other, share information round the clock, and, ultimately access a world of knowledge beyond classroom walls. To transform education for modern digital age involvement is required from each one:

  • Students must have access to technology that helps them develop the skills needed to prepare and qualify for schools and career
  • Teachers must feel comfortable with new technologies and how to use them successfully in the classroom and curriculum
  • Administrators must focus on improving the quality of education, safety, security and accountability of each student is concerned
  • Technologistsmust facilitate access to a technology-enhanced education environment while preparing for growing demands
  • Parents must have clearer insight into their children’s education and opportunities to participate in their success
  • Communities must have the means of staying informed and involved in the education of its future employees and leaders

What do we do?

eFlow has been founded by professionals from the software product development space, as an Engineering and IT Services organization with a strong focus to promote the use of information technology in the fields of Education, Healthcare and Agriculture. Inarguably, these are three fields where the use of technology has been limited, but has the greatest potential to influence the lives of people.

While eFlow is working to bring about revolutionary products and solutions in these fields, a good part of the organization is geared to providing Technology consulting, Project Management, and Engineering solutions to innovative hi-tech firms and government agencies.

Why eFlow Gurukul Solutions?

Backed by the immense experience of its promoters in enterprise-class software product development, eFlow has built it services and support on the three pillars of:

  • Unique Technology
  • Impeccable Delivery model, and
  • Constant Innovations

In consonance with our name, our focus is entirely on completing our commitments, with a single minded focus on customer satisfaction at all costs.

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