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my Gurukul is a school collaboration, networking and Student information Portal, which serves as a meeting point for Teachers, Students, parents and school administrators. Not only can teachers communicate with students and parents outside of school hours, even school administration can utilize the Portal to convey information on events, functions, school successes, exam schedules, etc. to students and parents alike.

One of the most crucial campus enterprise management subsystems is the student information system. Student information systems provide key and timely data on student performance to ensure each student receives the correct information and prompt instructional support as timely as possible. The key to Student information systems effectiveness is the data they use and the information they can provide. When deployed and utilized properly, key data points allow for extending the learning conversation throughout the entire student ecosystem from the teacher to the school and even into the home.

Just as important is the ability for parents to access their student´s status. Everything from grades and work assignments to extra-curricular events can help the parent become better engaged and more equipped to support learning at home. SIS also helps improve parent communication with teachers so issues are resolved more quickly.

Empower: Engage: Enable
  • Empower: Empowering students by reinforcing the skills needed for Information digital age workforce and preparing them for successful future
  • Engage: Parents are engaged resulting in increased student achievements, and stay informed in real-time about their child´s activities and assignments
  • Enable: Teachers easily share resources, enable the parents on their child´s progress
My-Gurukul technology impacts in the following ways
  • Meaningfully interact and promote collaboration
  • Regularly update on student´s progress
  • Inspire creativity and innovation
  • Engage students with digital age education
  • Communicate effectively to parents and teachers
Why should a School select my Gurukul?
  • When budget limitations put pressure on school management to do more with less, it can be a challenge to fund a rich technology based academic environment that gives students for the option of empowering education for digital age.
  • MyGurukul´s pragmatic approach for administrators and technologists to optimize expenses by making IT more efficient, enables a greater portion of the IT budget to be steered towards technology growth.
  • MyGurukul is a process for defining and delivering customized services for education sectors, not only to enhance the knowledge and information for students but also to maximize operational and cost efficiency across school.
  • my Gurukul simplifies IT infrastructures and free up capital for other facilities. Our approach streamlines deployment, reduce maintenance costs, and scales up technology with proven methodologies. Our pay-per-use approach enables schools to easily adopt our methodologies to enhance effectiveness in their success.
  • My-Gurukul is an open, extensible system, with an ease of integration unmatched in the industry. What this means is that it easily integrated with your current campus management systems, and can connect to data residing there, or even to data residing in excel sheets.
  • My-Gurukul delivers a simple and intuitive user interface that doesn´t require extensive training of any kind.
  • Finally, My-Gurukul can be deployed and implemented very, very quickly, thus helping schools to remain competitive and nimble.

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